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November is NaNoWriMO!

Just a quick note to say:

Thanks for reading Not Just Clowning Around,


To let you know that I’ll be spending November writing a sequel: A Different Kind of Hero.

I’ll try to get one more chapter ready before the 31st. I promise the action is coming soon, so hang in there with me.  I’ll try to edit if I get a chance, between writing sessions.

Here’s to 50k works in the 30 days of November. 


Not Just Clowning Around: Heroes of the Rodeo Book 1 (Prologue)



Not Just Clowning Around

Heroes of the Rodeo



Mac was sitting at the old kitchen table, in the house his great-grandfather had built in the 1800’s. Continue reading “Not Just Clowning Around: Heroes of the Rodeo Book 1 (Prologue)”

janice writes fiction!


Hi, my name is janice and i write Cowboy Romance Fiction.This is the place for me to post some of my original fiction.

I have several novels that i would like  to post here, so if you like cowboy romance stay tuned as i post chapters.

Disclaimer: Might be more than PG13 at times.

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